5 Effective Remote Selling Scenarios Supported by Colect

remote selling b2b

We’ve heard many stories in recent days from our customers that buyers are cancelling sales meetings due to coronavirus. We want to support you as best as we can during these uncertain and unconventional times, making sure our digital solutions work around the clock and extra customer support is provided where needed.

Here are five popular ways in which Colect supports remote selling scenarios.

Order links

Share custom assortments with customers via a unique shareable order link. Easily share draft orders for customers to finalize remotely. Buyers will be sent a link via email, where they will be brought directly to a shoppable order. For step-by-step instructions on how to share an order link, click here.

2. Share Line Sheets

share line sheets

Enable sales to prepare custom made line sheets. You can send your customers a PDF line sheet via email. Several standard layouts are available with or without barcodes, prices and SKU numbers. For step-by-step instructions on how to share a line sheet, click here.

3. Visual Merchandising Tool

visual line plan

Visually merchandise products on a canvas, resize images, choose what product data to show, add text, display additional colorways, and more. Easily share these visual line plans with your customers via email. See it in action with this video.

4. Digital Storefront for B2B Webshop

digital store front

Allows digital presentation of your seasonal collections to support remote selling. Customized landing pages & digital assets enable you to build your seasonal content destination so you can remotely tell your brand story, present your key sets & styles and drive orders with shop-the-look. Read more about our B2B Webshop innovations here.

5. Campaigns for B2B Webshop

B2B marketing campaigns allow you to take what used to be 1-to-1 and make it 1-to-many. Integrate the Colect B2B Webshop with your existing email marketing tools to send out standard assortments to multiple buyers, who can then simply click on it and start building an order.

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