Hybrid Digital Showroom

Wow your clients with an exclusive multi-screen experience that offers the best of both worlds, digital sales optimized to remain tailored and personal. The ultimate way to guide clients towards their perfect order.

Showroom Setup

Turn Your Collection Into An Experience

Impress your clients with three man-sized, portrait-oriented screens that immerse them into the world of your collection featuring striking imagery, video and sales data.

Digital showroon

Digital meets personal

Digitally powered guided sales in a physical showroom setting to co-create orders with exclusive clients.

Optimal three screen setup

The ideal balance between immersiveness and focus on 3 x1.90 meters. The setup includes two fixed table top iPads for details and data.

Sales Journey

Three Modes To Tell Your Story

Effortlessly follow your pre-order sales journey flow. Make your clients feel welcome in a personalized setting, tell your collection’s story and make a seamless shift to selling.

3 screen mode

Welcome Mode

Display your client’s name on all screens as they enter the showroom.

Storytelling Mode

Convey your brand story with maximized possibilities of a multi-screen experience.

Selling Mode

Designed for assortment and order building together with your client.

Order Building

A Spotlight On Selling

Convince clients with personalized assortments combined with convenient sales data to extend orders. Have your clients scan their favorite items to automatically include in their order.

Customized assortments

Easily compare your previously prepared customized selections to the items selected by your client.

Data-driven sales

Feature order balance data and historical order statistics to compose the perfect order..

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