Sales App

Digital catalogs and lookbooks at your sales reps’ fingerprints. Order intakes are faster, smoother and integrated to ERP systems, leading to a data-driven sales approach.

Omnichannel Sales

Enter the Future of Presenting Collections

Create a whole new sales experience with virtual storytelling through digital lookbooks. Reduce your costs to serve and create upsell opportunities while immersing your clients into the world of your collections.

Digital showroon

Digital Lookbooks

Lookbooks, reinvented. Highly visual and irresistibly attractive product presentation for an optimal virtual storytelling experience.

Key Looks & Shop-the-look

Create sets of coordinated items that enhance each other’s qualities to sell more and encourage clients to buy a complete look in just one mouse click.

Easy and Intuitive

Simply tap and swipe to find your way. Add sticky notes, create PDFs, and customize content for specific clients.

Digitalize the Sales Journey

Manage Your Orders Like Never Before

Colect’s Sales App is made to help you work efficiently. With an intuitive order flow, seamless integrations and accessible data to give you structure and overview whenever, wherever.

3 screen mode

Ordering made easy

Quickly find items, easily submit orders and check order history. Sell faster with order templates and digital signin. Have your clients scan their favorite items to automatically include in their order.

Up To Date Access, Always and Anywhere

Direct link to your ERP system to manage and place orders for multiple customers. Access online and offline real-time stock levels, the most recent product information and back-office data.

Smart Sales

Turn Data Into Insights

Adopt a data-driven sales approach. Convince clients to extend orders by building personalized assortments based on historic data.

Historical Order Data

A tool made to analyze sales data of each and every client so you can build smarter orders and proposals.

Order Balancing

Keep track of the balance of items in your order while building it.

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