Colect For hummel

“It’s truly a partnership. It feels like we develop together with Colect to get the best possible products in the best possible way.”
- Line Riding, Sales Operations Specialist, hummel


One digital platform co-created in partnership

Danish Sports and Lifestyle brand, hummel, was founded in 1923. hummel designs, produces, and markets sportswear, training and lifestyle wear, equipment and sneakers for adults and children, male and female.

The brand set off on a digital journey and aspired to digitalize and automate as many processes within the company as possible. Having had digital sales platforms before, this time they were looking for a partnership. A digital service provider that understood their wishes and was open to a process in which solutions were created together. Another one of their goals was to have only one digital platform which could hold all their data and information, seamlessly connected and always available.

Digital Lookbook for modern storytelling in the Sales App


New features, pre-ordering and self-service

Coming from an old sales process that was very manual, optimization and creating more efficiency was key for hummel. The collaboration with Colect started out with implementing the Sales App, allowing the brand to offer their global sales team and clients a digital sales solution that’s fast, user-friendly and full of features that benefit the sales process. The digital lookbook, for example, allows hummel’s sales team to really communicate the look and feel of their collections with high quality imagery and video content, as well as create custom selections that fit the needs of each individual retailer.

B2B Webshop for pre- and reordering

The next step was implementing the new hummel Brand Portal. Even though the brand had a custom Brand Portal before, they decided to switch to Colect in order to have one central integrated solution. In their old B2B webshop, hummel was only able to place day-to-day replenishment orders, while the Colect Brand Portal also facilitates pre-ordering and future stock availability. A game changer, hummel states. Pre-ordering allows them to have clients place orders without always having to visit them personally. The order proposal feature meets the same need.

Finally, hummel also started using the Colect Order Center module, allowing their clients to download brand and product assets such as media packages, related orders and deliveries, in a self-service environment. This way, their back-office team saves a lot of time and can focus on different tasks.

Digital Lookbook for modern storytelling in the Sales App


Data-driven & hybrid sales

The biggest change for hummel since using Colect’s tools is the end of handling processes manually. Instead of having to activate individual products and categorize everything themselves, the data and implemented solutions now do the work for them. Being a complex business with a lot of data, business rules, clients and different markets, hummel has found that Colect’s tools provide support and add great value. Instead of buying into a fixed product, they enjoy the possibility to develop the platform together in a scalable manner and work as true partners.

Around 100+ hummel sales representatives around the world use the Colect platform to sell a total of 6 hummel brands with over 20 collections. Digital lookbooks, pre-order possibilities, and self-service features opened up a new way of working for the brand, allowing them to arrange client visits more efficiently with hybrid selling strategies.

Visual line plan

When asked how hummel sees their future with Colect, the answer is: “digital, digital, digital. It’s going to be an exciting journey. We get inspiration from each other. It’s a joint effort to develop the best possible platform, not just for hummel, but for the fashion industry as a whole.” - Line Riding, Sales Operations Specialist, hummel

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