Colect For Brunotti

“With the recent update, Colect offers all the sales tools we need. It has also become an extension of our customer services.”

- Mark van Beek, Back-office Manager, Brunotti


Centralized orders and optimized processes

Brunotti is a brand that celebrates the passion and spirit of multi-board sports. Founded in 1979 by Italian pro windsurfer Claudio Brunotti, the brand started as a custom windsurf board company and evolved into a sustainable enterprise that creates apparel, hardware, and accessories for boarders of all kinds. Brunotti partnered with Colect in 2013 when they were looking for a digital solution to streamline their B2B order process and offer stock visibility to their customers.

Brunotti chose Colect as their digital partner taking into account the integration that already existed with their ERP vendor at the time and the advantage that this represented. Later, when they wanted to upgrade their ERP system to get more flexibility and functionality, they switched to Reflecta, another ERP partner that also works with Colect.

Brand portal Brunotti


Faster process and more data for buyers

Colect's digital tools gave Brunotti the benefit of increasing efficiency in their order management process, allowing sales representatives to save time by importing orders directly into the Sales App (iPad app) and Brand Portal (B2B webshop). The tools also enabled the sales team to create and send personalized draft orders to customers during the pre-sales season, resulting in a more attractive buying experience.

Additionally, the Brand Portal became an extension of Brunotti’s B2B customer service. On the webshop that is personalized with their brand identity, retailers can access product data and images, as well as search for orders and invoices on their own, in the Order Center. This improved the customer experience, creating more trust and satisfaction between the brand and its customers.

Brunotti brand portal


Time efficiency and upgraded B2B customer service

Colect’s tools have helped Brunotti streamline its order process and achieve B2B success. With its latest migration to Reflecta’s XL-Enz, the brand has enhanced its efficiency and flexibility. Today, 99% of the orders are done through the Sales App or Brand Portal, saving time and hassle for sales agents and retailers. Distributors also enjoy the convenience of placing their pre-orders online at any time and place.

Sales app Brunotti

Brunotti’s customer service has also improved significantly. Thanks to the real-time stock information, product data, content, and order history on the Brand Portal, the team has reduced customer service inquiries by 30%.

Moreover, the Brand Portal is also a useful tool for other departments such as Product, for ordering samples, and Marketing, for POS items. The successful partnership between Brunotti, Colect, and Reflecta is a great example of how the right technology can benefit brands and drive them toward success in an ever-changing industry.

Brunotti brand portal

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