What’s New - December 2020: Colect Product Update

Time is scarce, especially during the infamous final weeks of the year. With just a few days to go before Christmas, we’d like to offer you the gift of getting things done faster.

Import Order Tool

Import any order fast, easy and error-free with our latest Import Order tool. With this tool, an existing order can be uploaded into the cart automatically, regardless of the format or layout of the original file holding EAN or item codes.

Some retailers and especially e-comm partners like Zalando, Amazon, AboutYou provide their suppliers with their purchase orders in a specific order sheet. These order sheets usually contain the article numbers, color codes or EAN codes and quantities of the products which are being ordered by the specific retailer.

Previously you would have had to process the order lines manually, now the complete order can be bulk imported from an Excel file, CSV file or email. While copy-pasting EAN codes even the order quantity per EAN code can be copy-pasted and transformed into an order line.

Please note that a spreadsheet app needs to be installed on your iPad in order for this feature to work correctly. Now available for the Sales App.

Lookbook Images in Product Detail Page

We’ve created a direct connection between the product photos of your collection and the Lookbook images. Thanks to this connection, the related Lookbooks images will show up in the Product detail page.

So if you visit a particular product detail page, the system will now recognize that this item is shown in the Lookbook and will show the same Lookbook image in the Product detail page.

Custom Shortcuts on Frontpage

All relevant documents within arm’s reach. This new feature allows you to create a shortcut to marketing documents on your frontpage. Simply check the newly added box in the configuration to include a direct link to a certain document on your frontpage. It works for videos, PDF documents, Excel documents and external URL’S e.g. to link your Power BI tool.