A New Way Of Selling - Colect’s Digital Showroom Experience

Digitalizing your B2B sales process has perhaps never been so relevant as during the past year and a half. Now more than ever there is a chance to optimize your sales process. By replacing your traditional physical lookbooks with digital lookbooks, for instance, making way for new sales journeys that can partially or completely become self-serviced. At the same time, the need to showcase collections in a physical environment to some clients will remain. How to update that showroom experience to current needs? Going digital is the answer here too, with the new and improved Digital Showroom Experience: a user-friendly and accessible setup that enables storytelling and increases sales. The best of both worlds: digital sales optimized to remain tailored and personal.

Before we dive deeper into the why’s and how’s of the Digital Showroom Experience, let’s take a moment to set the scene. For over a decade, Colect has been part of the evolution of fashion brands’ showrooms. It all started with the introduction of the Sales App, making guided showroom sales more efficient and structurized for both sales representatives and clients. From there on, a logical next step was to be able to share the Sales App screen to a bigger screen, making the sales process more interactive and insightful for clients. This resulted in an elaborate and immersive six screen showroom setup.

But just like Icarus, we may have flown a bit too close to the sun. With renewed insights, we now created the optimal setup with Digital Showroom Experience, consisting of three man-sized screens that are easy and intuitive to operate, and - most importantly - amazing to watch. A smart and interactive way to wow your clients and increase sales.

Regain Focus With A Three Screen Setup

Imagining a showroom filled with as many as six screens to showcase your collections, you may wonder why we would want to come back from such an elaborate setup. The answer is easy, and goes for tech just as much as for fashion: less is more.

While being impressive and immersive, in practice, the six screen setup bore the risk of being too overwhelming and overly complicated. You want your clients to be able to focus on what’s important: your collection. The same applies to your sales representatives. That is why for the new and improved setup the optimum is found in a three screen setup, supported by two fixed iPads. Easier to operate, fascinating to follow.

With three portrait-oriented screens placed side by side and measuring 1.90 meters each, there will be no confusion on where to look first. All relevant content is right there, ready to sell itself. The two fixed iPads on the table or desk provide your client with supportive data and allow them to interact with your collection.

While the customization of what is shown on the screens remains open to your own creativity, the operation is a lot more accessible and intuitive. We believe that a sales representative who can focus on your brand’s story instead of technical details will sell more.

Let Clients Experience Your Collection

So let’s talk about storytelling. In order to remain not only relevant, but top of mind for your clients, it’s essential to impress them with your brand’s story. You want to distinguish yourself and stand out. The best way to do so, is to immerse your clients into the world of your collection with an enticing showroom presentation.

The idea behind the Digital Showroom Experience is platform based, meaning that there is a seamless integration with your digital lookbooks and data in your Sales App and B2B Webshop. All data and content is centralized and managed by you as a brand. This makes it incredibly easy to connect content and storytelling to your collection. With the Digital Showroom Experience, one screen can display a key look from your collection, the next screen plays a video, and the third screen keeps track of your client’s order.

The New Way Of Selling: Three Screens, Three Modes

We’ve experienced that Digital Showroom selling works best in threes. Not only for the number of screens, but also for the phases in showing and selling your collection. That is why we’ve developed three consecutive modes to support your sales journey in the Digital Showroom Experience, each with their own purpose.

We’ll start off with the Welcome Mode: designed to make your client feel at home, dive right in, and set the tone of the conversation. This mode is customizable and has the main purpose of making an unforgettable first impression.

From there on, the logical next step is the Storytelling Mode, with your digital lookbook at its heart. This is where you tell your brand story and showcase your collection. You can use all kinds of (audio)visual content to dress up the experience and enrich your lookbook with different kinds of photography and video.

After immersing your clients into your new collection, making a smooth transition to selling is key. That is why we developed the Selling Mode: an effortless shift to sales. It is designed for assortment and order building together with your client.

Build The Ideal Order Together With Your Client

Good preparation is half the work. The Selling Mode enables you to show your client a carefully composed customized assortment, assembled by your sales representative based on previous sales data. By using Sticky Notes in various colors, sales representatives can create several assortments that suit different types of clients.

The Favorites feature is an interactive tool made for your client to mark his or her preferred items during the showroom presentation. This system gives the sales representative a real-time insight into the state of the order.

If by the end of the showroom presentation not all items of the custom assortment are favorited by the client, the sales representative will notice right away. It gives them a low-threshold opening for a conversation about the possible discrepancy, opening up an opportunity to convince the client to expand their order further.

Accessible New Smart Sales Opportunities

The new and improved Digital Showroom Experience allows you to create an exclusive and interactive environment for your top clients, while optimizing your sales process in a smart and interactive way with convenient sales data at hand to grow your orders.

This 2.0 version of Digital Showroom, including three instead of six large screens, is an accessible investment for your brand in both price and user-friendliness.

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