The Seamless Harmony of FaVa and Colect: Elevating Fashion ERP Integration

In a recent interview with Jens Skotte, Fashion Director at Twoday RelateIT, we explore the tailored approach the company has taken in upgrading fashion ERP solutions with FaVa, and we dive into the world of the FaVa and Colect integration. Here’s an insightful conversation on the unique features, advantages, and seamless collaboration between FaVa and Colect.

What is FaVa and what sets it apart from other ERP solutions in the market?

Jens: “FaVa was our take to build an ERP system for wholesale Fashion Brands, an extension built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that was launched to customers 2 years ago, and it has been a tremendous success. Our approach is different; we focus on building relationships and trust, understanding the fashion industry’s needs and challenges, and this way, creating a product that is tailor-made for the industry.”

“FaVa specializes in design, purchases, styles, economy documentation, reports, and sales (B2B, B2C, POS). The advantage is that we collaborate with experts for other functions like Delogue for PDM/PLM and Colect for B2B wholesale, and seamlessly integrate with them.”

Tell us more about that advantage for your customers. How does FaVa integrate with third-party solutions?

Jens: “We understand that there are experts out in the tech market who are creating niche solutions that are complementary to FaVa. For example, Colect. We could build a B2B webshop for customers but we are not experts in that, you are. Therefore, our main focus is to create partnerships and integrate with what we think are the best third-party systems in the industry. Think of it like Lego. FaVa is the core solution, and we build bridges with these third-party companies. We’re highly flexible and let customers decide which systems they prefer. The level of integration is like Lego pieces, allowing for easy adjustments based on the customer’s needs. It’s a visual representation of their tailored environment.”

Can you explain the process of Colect/FaVa integration?

Jens: “Once FaVa’s environment is set up with styles, prices, and seasons, we add what we like to call, the Colect Core – a standard integration. Data export to Colect takes around a day, showcasing our efficient integration. We understand Colect’s APIs, making data delivery seamless. Within four hours, you see results on the Colect side. Full integration, including images, takes about a week if we’re fully engaged with the customer.”

How customizable is the solution for customers?

Jens: “Let’s see FaVa as an iPhone. It has the base features and apps that come with the product, but since we are here to listen to the customer and understand their needs, whatever they need to incorporate, we find a way to get it to them. So in the iPhone analogy, we add apps like Colect and Delogue, which are add-ons that, depending on each of the customer’s needs, are available for them to “install” into the FaVa software.”

So we talked about technological advantages, but what about prices? How is FaVa more suitable economically to brands compared to other ERP solutions?

Jens: “FaVa’s cloud-based model ensures transparent and standardized pricing. It’s like Colect, there’s a starting license price, and then each brand pays per user, this way they know how much it costs no matter if the number of users goes up or down. Our pricing is not linked to sales volume making it predictable for customers, unlike other ERP solutions on the market that offer a low-cost setup but prices become a percentage related to transactions. We offer clarity with no hidden costs.”

One of the FaVa + Colect success stories is the Danish trouser brand, Our Units. Can you tell us more about the process of setting up their B2B webshop?

Jens: “Our Units is a FaVa customer that initially used another vendor as their B2B solution but found it limiting after a while. That’s when they turned to us and asked for a different B2B digital partner that could suit their needs. We recommended Colect and after 2-3 weeks the integration process was already done. Now, Our Units is flourishing, they find the system 100% flexible, all their sales reps are working with Colect, and almost all orders are placed through either the B2B webshop or the Sales App.”

“Using Colect and FaVa, we’ve crafted an aesthetically aligned B2B webshop where our retailers can seamlessly explore collections, delve into product details, and autonomously reorder. This platform has significantly enhanced our customer service; and currently, almost 100% of our orders are processed through this channel”. - Ulla Ørum Marcussen, Salesplanner at Our Units

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