Business Analyst / Business requirement analyst

Laren - Onsite/Hybrid



As a business analyst, You will act as a bridge between business and the development team. You gather business requirements from stakeholders and you translate these into technical requirements for the development team. The goal is to fill the backlog with perfectly refined user stories to fully support the quarterly and half-yearly goals, set by the product manager. Quarterly prioritization will be set by the product owner.

This matches you as an analytical, well-organized Business Analyst. For 40 hours per week, you work in 2-week sprints, where you:

- Translate our ambitious business plans into smart technical requirements

- Write and refine user stories for the development team for the upcoming quarter.

- Find the best solutions possible, that fits business needs perfectly and that are technically validated, within the capacity available.

- Be part of the delivery process to make sure requirements are met and the features are packaged for the internal and external organizations.

- Assist the product manager in strategic longer term preparations for the next quarter.


We offer a position in the product team, an ambitious and multi-product and platform development team that is responsible for all product developments of The product is matured but there is still a lot to improve and enhance, within the dynamic b2b-commerce market.

Within the product team you work together with two passionate colleagues. Just like you, they like working in a fast and digital environment. The team is responsible, takes ownership and doesn’t shy away from challenges. You will report directly to the product manager, but have a very direct line with the product owner for quarterly execution goals. Besides your direct team members you will work closely together with developers, designers and customers.


High on energy, low on ego and with a little bit of humor. You are also ‘one of a kind’ because of your ability to break down complex things into smaller feasible steps. You get energy from finding the best solutions possible, that fits business needs perfectly and that are technically validated. In addition, you know how to communicate your findings to your stakeholders. We have some specific requirements that are a must. You have:

- Demonstrated knowledge and experience in SaaS, PaaS, and the e-commerce landscape. For example in a saas-company in the fashion ecosystem or other relevant experience.

- A good understanding or background in technology, without the need of being a programmer, for example to be able to explain how a data model works or how to read an API.

- You have experience in gathering requirements from internal and external sources, for example to write user stories and requirements a concise way that are both understood by customers as internal (technical) stakeholders.

- You know how to write down requirements in a way developers and other stakeholders can understand. For example experience in user-documentation, technical documentation.

-You know how a technical team is built up, what disciplines and who to connect for work that needs to be done.

- A good view on how a system can work (UX) and preferably having an eye for how things look modern. What is also sufficient is if you have experience in working with a design team, to get concepts into mock-ups and design.

- Can present herself/himself both verbally and in english writing, with professional slide presentations that convince customers and leave a lasting impression.

- Experience in SaaS business models, understanding the need for developing features that fit all customers vs. a customized product.

- You are able to document features delivered to ensure a handover to Partners, Commercial teams and Support. What this proofs:

- Experience in writing user or admin documentation

- Experience with or in documentation portals such as gitbook

- Experience in using digital tools, what proofs this for us:\ Jira & Confluence (atlassian suite), Miro & Figma or similar collaboration tooling ,Google analytics, Looker studio, PowerBI

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