Breaking news: Colect secures funding to accelerate product development and international growth 🎉

From left to right: Ronald van der Heide, Managing Director with Shoe Investments, Nick Andriesse, Founder & Executive Director with Colect, Robert Bolland, VP Sales with Colect, Jasper Schroder, Co-founder & Lead Engineer with Colect, Pieter Schoen, owner of Shoe Investments, Arthur Hoffman, Executive Director with Colect

Robert and myself have a really exciting announcement that we want to personally share with you today.</p>

Colect has secured significant growth funding via Shoe Investments, a Dutch investment company and known for their experience in upscaling growing enterprises. As a result, we are currently expanding our development team, strengthening our executive management and growing our international sales & account management capabilities, enabling us to accelerate our product development and international growth ambitions. Product enhancements and new features can be expected to further improve the experience and productivity for our users. We will also continue to invest in new products such as our Digital Showroom solution that a number of our customers have started rolling out.

Together with Shoe Investments, Colect will make a strong leap forward towards becoming THE globally leading tool & platform for brands, manufacturers and distributors to inspire, educate and support their customers in becoming more successful.

Furthermore, we are welcoming Arthur Hoffman, who joins us as Executive Director, to focus on our growth efforts and allowing me with our development team to spend more time on R&D and enhancing our platform. Arthur brings more than 20 years international experience in growing companies in the digital sector, he is super-excited to be on board and is looking forward to an opportunity to meet you, our clients, in the coming months.

We are thrilled about this next big step for our company. The energy boost can already be felt within the teams.

For any further information please refer to our press release . If you have any questions about this news or about our platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or Robert.

Warmest regards,

Nick Andriesse (Founder & Executive Director) and Robert Bolland (VP Sales & Customer Success)