Colect for GANT

“It’s so much more intuitive to pick, select and swipe. Everybody finds their way with Colect.”

What GANT Wanted

A long-term digital solution for remote selling on short notice

The international Stockholm-based fashion brand GANT was founded in 1949. With their rich heritage and long history, the importance of future-proofing their brand was evident but not urgent. When the pandemic hit the world that suddenly changed. With clients no longer being able to visit the showroom, remote selling became a must and GANT’s wish for a long-term digital solution was pushed forward. GANT needed a reliable platform to make remote selling happen and they needed it fast.

Sales App home screen with collection selection

How Colect Contributed

Fast and thorough implementation of the Sales App and B2B Webshop

GANT’s decision to choose Colect was taken in April and by June they were all set up. All of GANT’s sales teams and clients got access to the Colect platform via the Sales App, the B2B Webshop or both. GANT went from traditional in-showroom sales only to remote digital selling on an international scale. Showcasing new collections and presenting key looks digitally allows sales reps to keep a high level of interactivity with their clients, wherever they are. With Colect, GANT’s sales reps are able to apply the same sales strategies as they would in real life meetings.

Digital Lookbook for modern storytelling in the Sales App

The Result

Interactive and intuitive sales in a highly efficient and flexible way

For GANT, the user-friendliness and flexibility of the Colect platform stands out. It enables them to offer self-serviced pre-ordering to some clients while giving other customers a more guided experience. This means a huge efficiency gain, saving them time and money. The reduction of physical samples and other resources is an important benefit that perfectly aligns with GANT’s sustainability goals. The Colect platform is embraced throughout different departments at GANT. Employees from design to planning to merchandising are eager to work with Colect’s tools. For the future, GANT is focusing on further elevating the remote experience with high quality content similar to B2C environments.

B2B Webshop for pre- and reordering

“Colect solved the whole pandemic situation for us, ensuring full access to the whole collection for everyone.” - Fredrika Berghman, Head of Wholesale Operations

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