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“We consider Colect to be the engine and foundation in connecting more to our B2B clients, telling our brand story better, and achieving our latest business strategies.”

- Sil Haringa, International Sales Director, Filling Pieces

- Joey Martherus, BeNeLux Account Manager, Filling Pieces
Filling Pieces flagship store


Centralized, reliable and efficient digital ordering

The Amsterdam-based luxury streetwear brand Filling Pieces aims to bridge the gap between cultures and communities. What started with the development of an affordable high-end sneaker in 2009, has since then grown into an internationally successful fashion brand selling footwear, clothing and accessories.

Filling Pieces started its wholesale strategy with a homemade PLM tool that functioned as both an ERP and an order entry tool at once. This left many parts of the ordering process to (semi) manual labor. Orders would come in through a combination of emails, Excel sheets, and line sheets, requiring manual entry into the system. A labor-intensive, error-sensitive and time-consuming process that couldn’t guarantee the quality of order data.

Filling Pieces felt the need to switch to a fundamental solution. A solution in which ERP and digital ordering would both be stand-alone and the ordering process would become centralized, efficient and convenient.

B2B brand portal for Filling Pieces


A content-driven platform that thrives on partnership

The reliability of an experienced European digital wholesale partner close to the fashion market was the deciding factor in choosing Colect for Filling Pieces. They value the current relationship that is based on partnership and leaves lots of room for customizability.

Order screen for B2B brand portal

Filling Pieces has been using the Colect Sales App and Brand Portal since 2020. One of the biggest advantages for them is the possibility to create a complete brand experience in a B2B environment. Besides the option to adjust layouts, backgrounds and lookbooks, they particularly value Colect’s ability to understand their business logic.

Being a content-driven fashion brand with a large marketing department, creating state-of-the-art lookbooks and campaigns is key for Filling Pieces. Ever since they started using Colect, they have changed the way they create content. From a more B2C approach towards B2B client-focused storytelling, themed collections, and including video content.

Digital Lookbook for modern storytelling in the Sales App


Embracing data, reducing samples, increasing self-service and reordering

For Filling Pieces, the Colect platform has contributed to embracing and monitoring data, leading to smaller collections. Ever since Filling Pieces started using Colect, there has been a 60% sample reduction.

The Brand Portal and Sales App allowed Filling Pieces to professionalize and unburden the operational part of their back-office. All product and delivery information, order confirmations and order sheets are now centralized and always available from anywhere. The Brand Portal also enables self-service for around 70% of Filling Pieces’ wholesale clients.

Colect has helped Filling Pieces to attain their wholesale goals, contributing to a tremendous growth in reordering of 250-300%. Deciding factors for that growth have been the possibility to see current stock information, a focus of visual content, and the ability to order 24/7.

Item detail screen B2B brand portal

“At first we didn’t have a digital tool to guide us through our sales process. In Colect we have found a trusted partner that works hand in hand with us. A global player that feels local because they are so easy to connect to.” - Sil Haringa, International Sales Director, Filling Pieces

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