Colect x ImPuls GmbH for ARMEDANGELS

“Colect, ImPuls GmbH, and ARMEDANGELS all work together very smoothly. Everyone is focused on finding solutions instead of seeing problems, one of the key factors for the success of this collaboration.”

- ARMEDANGELS, Matthias Wirtz, Head of IT

In 2021, Colect and software developer ImPuls GmbH decided to partner up in order for fashion brands to have a seamless integration between the Colect platform and ImPuls GmbH’s latest ERP system, ImPuls fashion XL. The eco & fair fashion brand ARMEDANGELS is one of the first brands to benefit from this native connection that allows them more efficiency and lower costs. But they are not the only ones who derive advantages from this collab. Teaming up with Colect enables ImPuls GmbH to offer their clients a customized sales environment with elaborate features, while Colect can ensure a stable and reliable ERP connection to their clients where the right data is always at hand.

B2B brand portal for ARMEDANGELS


Giving clients more than just reliable ERP

ImPuls GmbH was founded in 1975 and has always specialized in apparel solutions. They developed several versions of ERP software for the fashion industry, leading to their latest version, ImPuls fashion XL, which ARMEDANGELS is using today.

As experts in the industry, they recognized the need for a dedicated sales app, a customizable digital wholesale environment, and showroom solutions on top of a solid ERP system. Knowing exactly where their own strengths lie and recognizing specialties in others, ImPuls saw the advantages of partnering up with Colect.

Order screen for B2B brand portal

What Colect could offer in terms of customizable design, storytelling and sales features was seen as a great addition to their core business of data maintenance, handling mass data, and logistic processes. A native connection between ImPuls GmbH and Colect ensures a stable and reliable ERP system that seamlessly interacts with Colect’s elaborate digital wholesale software.


Smooth and stable data management & visually attractive storytelling

ARMEDANGELS embarked on their mission in 2007 to prove that fashion can be sustainable, fair, and eco-friendly without compromising on style, quality and fashionability. They started off as an online-only shop focused on B2C customers. A few years in, ARMEDANGELS decided to enter the wholesale market to support their growth and chose ImPuls as their ERP partner.

Order screen for B2B brand portal

Coming from a situation where they used the same system for B2B as for B2C sales, the need emerged to have a dedicated B2B platform for wholesale. ARMEDANGELS wanted to move away from manually handling orders in Excel and the responsibility of maintaining their own webshop. Their wish was to transition to a digital sales platform that looks and feels like a B2C environment and has visually attractive storytelling features.

Additionally, they wanted the data management to remain as stable and reliable as it had been ever since they started working with ImPuls GmbH. Therefore, a native connection between Colect and ImPuls GmbH was a perfect fit for the situation.


Full focus on selling without worrying about data and tech

ARMEDANGELS has been working with Colect and ImPuls GmbH in the new collaboration for almost two years now. The main benefits for them are the dependability of the platform and the fact that they no longer need to occupy themselves with the technicalities of digital sales - it just works. The time saved can be spent entirely on client contact and doing what they do best: sell their collections.

Item detail screen B2B brand portal

The collaboration between Colect and ImPuls GmbH was especially beneficial in terms of integration and stability. ARMEDANGELS was onboarded within a month, only one meeting and a weekly call needed. Thanks to the standardized format, the definition of how data needs to be sent to Colect didn’t need to be invented, but ran fast and smoothly.

In developing the interface, ARMEDANGELS found it beneficial that Colect had a foundation based on a large customer base with lots of feedback, giving them clear guidance in setting up their own Colect Sales App and Brand Portal.

As a result, communicating with different clients and handling large amounts of data got a lot better and more efficient for ARMEDANGELS. Working with ImPuls GmbH and Colect saves them time, especially for the IT department and back office but also for sales representatives.

While some clients can find their own way in a (semi) self-serviced Brand Portal, other client groups get a guided sales experience with the Sales App. Thanks to content-driven storytelling and smooth data management, all client groups get a full brand experience and sales reps can give customers and collections their undivided attention.

“Despite having all these great functionalities, Colect still works flawlessly. It has a robustness to it and enables you to do great things without losing the fundamentals.” - Matthias Wirtz, Head of IT, ARMEDANGELS

“The design, storytelling options, and features that Colect offers in their products are a great add-on to our ERP systems.” - Axel Domschke, Managing Director, ImPuls GmbH

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