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Colect Digital Showroom

This interactive brand and product presentation will increase sales and reduce your costs.

colect digital showroom
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The New Way of Selling

Experience the inspiration of the collection through video, story telling and presenting key styles.

Customer interaction

Engage your customer in the order building process by providing a personal screen with a specific part of the collection. This allows the customer to interact with this selection and co-create the purchase order.

Mix and match

Combine images from various styles, mix and match on a simulated showroom floor in order to build outfits, combinations and sets to boost sales.

Personalized assortments

Create a personalized buying experience by customizing a pre-selection of the collection to present to individual customers. This improves order quality and speeds up the order process.

Reduce your Costs

Show full size model videos and detailed images of your products to present every aspect of your collection to your customer without the need for a physical sample.

Data-driven selling

Improve order quality by visually comparing sell-through of previous seasons to build today’s order.

Reduce time to market

Use virtual samples or recolored images to have full access to your collection before the physical availability of salesman samples. Eliminate wait times for sample shipments and customs delays.

Ordering efficiency

Provide customer specific data feeds, directly to their back office system, to prevent buyers from building their own excel data sheets.

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