Colect for Holy Fashion Group

“A complete spirit change to digital that helps us stay ahead of our clients’ expectations.”

What Holy Fashion Group wanted

From a traditional to a modern way of selling

Holy Fashion Group includes the international premium fashion and lifestyle brands Joop!, Strellson and windsor., specializing in high-end men’s and women’s wear. In 2017 they wanted to upgrade their sales process and decided to make a digital transformation for a modern and efficient ordering process.

Seeking efficiency and sustainability

Holy Fashion Group was looking for suitable digital solutions to exceed their clients’ expectations. Reducing samples and saving materials was one of the main wishes, as well as creating a B2B webshop.

Sales App home screen with collection selection

How Colect Contributed

A smart and efficient order process

Before, doing sales was a very analogue, manual and time-consuming process for Holy Fashion Group. E-mails had to be printed out and put into books, adjustments to assortments or orders were made by hand. Traditional physical lookbooks were expensive and quickly became outdated and unsightly with numerous penciled-in updates. With Colect’s digital sales tools, the complete order process became more efficient and insightful. Holy Fashion Group likes how digital sales now take less time but still cover all the essentials. In using storytelling for digital lookbooks, the brand spirit comes across in a convincing way.

Digital Lookbook for modern storytelling in the Sales App

Working with the Sales App, B2B Webshop and Digital Showroom

If an item is no longer available in a certain size or color on the floor, the Sales App allows representatives to order it straight away for their client. More orders can be taken in at the same time and order proposals are now part of the sales strategy. Thanks to the B2B Webshop, Holy Fashion Group sees an increasing number of clients directly placing orders without sending them an email or calling.

With Digital Showroom, Holy Fashion Group can offer a selection of clients an impressive and exclusive live showroom experience that includes customized assortments.

B2B Webshop for pre- and reordering

Digital head-start during Covid

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, Holy Fashion Group felt they had a tremendous advantage. By then, they had been using Colect’s digital sales tools for over two years. They immediately knew how to keep doing business digitally and service their clients in a remote setting. 

Holy Fashion Group uses creative ways to deliver a consistent brand experience to their clients in a remote setting during lockdown. They create videos in which designers explain more about the story and ideas behind new collections as well as model videos to show the exact fit of certain pieces.

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Fashion Group says they would have lost 20 to 30% of their turnover if they would not have had the option to sell online.

Storytelling with videos in the Sales App

The Result

Lowered costs to serve and digital thinking

Holy Fashion Group now thinks digital; a huge internal change in terms of behavior and mindset. They have 80 sales reps from Russia to Canada working with Colect’s smart sales tools, using between 80 and 90% of the functionalities. The main financial gain is the drop in costs to serve their clients. 

Material costs invested in content

Holy Fashion Group went from a high printing budget due to selling documents that had to be thrown out within weeks, to zero printing costs and no longer working with physical lookbooks. The money saved on printing is now invested in reusable, multi-purpose digital photography suitable for remote selling.

Digital Lookbook for modern storytelling in the B2B Webshop

Service costs drop while level rises

Holy Fashion Group’s customer service has seen efficiency increase thanks to digitalized sales processes; their service level is rising, while costs drop. This is partially thanks to self-serviced reordering with the B2B Webshop for which no contact with the service team is required. Ever since they started working with Colect, Holy Fashion Group feels they are able to stay one step ahead and give clients the reassurance that they are in the lead with them. Even, or rather: especially, during these unprecedented times when digitalization is key.

Self-service  in the Order Center

“We are 100% more digital than before and love the developments we’re making in this partnership with Colect. Our expectations just keep on growing.” - Jörg Storch

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