Colect For Beheim International Brands

“With this year's introduction of Colect we were able to improve our sales processes substantially. Availabilities can now be calculated more accurately for every customer, every model and every point in time. This leads to an increased quality of delivery times that retailers can rely on.”

- Benjamin Schurer, Head of Sales, Beheim International Brands
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Centralized orders, reliability and efficiency

German-based and family-run business, Beheim International Brands, has been manufacturing high-quality fashion pieces since 1949. Known for their durable materials and detailed craftsmanship, today Behiem produces bags and accessories for Camel Active Bags, Gabor Bags, TOM TAILOR Bags, and Denim TOM TAILOR Bags.

Their story with Colect started at the beginning of 2023 when understanding that digital selling tools create efficiency and reliability for both teams and customers, they decided to digitize the order process of the whole company and started looking for the ideal partner that would integrate seamlessly with their ERP, MS Dynamics 365 provided by GOB, and allow data-driven sales as well as a smooth online order-taking journey for all four licensed brands.

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Real-time data, striking presentations and a sales accelerator

Colect's digital tools are a perfect fit for Beheim International Brands, streamlining the order management process for their four licensed brands into a single, centralized platform and empowering customers with the ability to access real-time merchandise availability, 24/7, and with estimated delivery dates.

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“The presented project flow together with a solid return on investment opportunity convinced us. The focus was especially on automated processing through seamless and error-free communication between the internal tools and our customers.”
Cornelius Feierabend, Head of Marketing, Beheim International Brands.

Today, their entire sales force in the DACH region is equipped with iPads, as most of their order placement is done through the Sales App. Additionally, the Brand Portal serves as a self-service website, granting customers the autonomy to place orders independently.

This tech-savvy approach has accelerated the company’s sales cycle, developing a more efficient team with quicker results. Moreover, the storytelling features of the tools have upgraded their collection presentation process, resulting in a more attractive and complete buying experience for customers.

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Superior product presentation, a more efficient sales team & more independent retailers

Colect’s tools have become the digital allies Beheim International Brands needed. Within the first year, they increased the share of orders processed via the Colect platform by over 25%, and the trend is still on the rise. This achievement has made their entire selling operation more efficient and future-proof.

On the other hand, the Brand Portal has gotten favorable feedback from retailers; users appreciate the platform's user-friendly navigation and visually appealing presentation, which allows simultaneous ordering for all four licensed brands and provides real-time visibility into available stocks.

This empowerment of retailers to independently manage their inventory optimally has been a game-changer, reducing the need for extensive in-person guidance from Beheim’s sales team. As a result, the team can now focus on providing tailored advice during sales discussions, ensuring customers receive the best possible service.

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