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Colect B2B Webshop

Enable your customers to restock their shop inventory the easy way. With direct payment options and according to your brand guidelines.

Sell 24/7

This platform has been specially developed to meet the needs of the fashion industry..

Sell on every device

Selling your collections via the Colect B2B Webshop is user-friendly, fast and easy to manage. Allow your retail customers to place orders and return orders anytime.

Brand and product content

Provide retailers with the latest brand and product content. Share high resolution images, logo’s and other assets.

Offer direct payment

Allow retailers to shop and order whenever it suits them. Your direct payment linked to your backend enhances processes and efficiency.

Modern platform

You can count on the latest technology, speed and ease of use.

Choose web based

The modern way of selling is digital. A full option B2B Webshop improves customer satisfaction and boosts your business.

Be fully responsive

Your Colect B2B Webshop is built with the latest technology, is fully responsive and brings a great experience on any device.

Create your own design

The website is designed in such a way that it can easily be adapted to your brand and identity guidelines, such as colours, logos and visuals.

Manage your orders

The site has been designed and built to make your order process fast and error-free.

Provide historical and invoice tool

Your retailers can view order history, order status and their invoices. Orders made in Colect Sales App can be finalised in the Colect B2B Store.

Offer returns module

Lighten the load for your customer service representatives. Enable customers to see stock availability and offer them an easy returns module.

Direct link to ERP

Orders are directly processed into your own support system. Improve speed and satisfaction. Reduce costs and errors.

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